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Selling lots of guitar stuff. Marshall jcm900. Tc Gmajor. inside + more


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Ok. time has come for me to get rid of this stuff and get myself a new setup

ill tell you about each one,

Im selling my 1993 marshall jcm900 4501 duel reverb.all in perfect working order. this hasnt been used much recently, had some new valves fitted at the beggining of the year. jj telsas in the pre amp and power amp, its also biased nice and hot.

i replaced the speaker with a vintage 30 also.


You can see it there, ill get more pictures at request

Also what you can see in that picture, the tc electronics gmajor, its a guitar rack fx processer, and an amazing one too, i love it, but since my new setup has no need for one, im selling it.

Im also selling a Boss CE-5 (chorus pedal)

and a boss GE-7 (equilizer pedal)

Here are my prices, all are up for nearest offers aswell :)

jcm900 dual reverb 300

Gmajor 150 (only a few months old)

Ce-5 30

GE-7 20

Need any addition pictures or info just give me a pm or email me at thefragking@msn.com.


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JCM 900 ill give away for 250

Its jj telsa el34s and jj telsa ecc83s, The thing sounds so smooth its amazing, and the cleans are brilliant, i also will repeat the speaker was changed to a vintage 30

Im also now selling a tubescreamer ts9dx for 60

I really need the money towards a new main 6 string.

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