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  1. Hey there, Just finished up this song in one sitting today. Quite happy with it although a little short. It's called "You'll never get out Alive". SoundClick artist: Bleeding Skies - Don't speak, I can hear you. Entrosolet | Facebook Appreciate any feedback, negative or positive -Darren
  2. Sale of the jackson fell through, fcb is gone. Bumping for more offers on the jackson.
  3. Thanks guys. We're one of the older "djent" bands, a lot of our new stuff is pulling away from that sound that'll be on the album. Still programmed drums on s2.0. Got drumagog on blend running with my post chain too. Hopefully get some more new stuff out soon once the album is done, really excited to see what Blair can do on some of the more intricate songs. 5cm is probably our most simple and narrow song
  4. Entrosolet - BandPage | Facebook We recently just finished a song with both vocalists on the track. Funnily enough this was also the first track we ever wrote as an instrumental. We have 11 other tracks lined up for vocals to be put on which we're quite excited about. It's called "5cm per second" named after the animated movie. Hopefully you guys enjoy, we appreciate any feedback, negative or positive!
  5. Bumping again, Think this is a pretty decent deal for a MIJ jackson DXMG. still open to offers
  6. Some pictures! The DXMG has a slight issue in that one of the tuning peg nut/washer things keeps falling out when facing forward. pretty easily replaceable as far as i know though. Shown in pictures below. Still offering restring. (this solves the washer problem temporarily, the guitar is still playable, it's just cosmetic when the strings are off) CLICK TO SEE LARGER PICTURES The fcb1010 is pretty much near mint. -D
  7. Hey there. Currently selling my Behringer fcb1010, No need for it since I can't seem to set it up properly and i'd rather have something more suited to my Axe Fx. Offers welcome. But i'm looking for 70 Also selling my old Jackson Dxmg. These things go for around 450-500 new these days. I'll give it a clean and a restring and also tune it/set up the floyd rose to whatever the buyer wants. I'm looking for 170 or an offer close to that. Humour me! :3 Pictures on request. Just send me an email at thefragking@msn.com Or contact me on my facebook Darren Cruickshank | Facebook
  8. As long as it's a sata or IDE connection that matches to your motherboard, you'd be fine with any.
  9. As said, it's in the thread title, but for the sake of it 250, open to offers, humour me. This may be going towards a lovely new prs custom 24, so PLEASEEEE
  10. Hey guys, Selling off my ps3 as i've recently not been playing it at all, hell it's hardly been used since I bought it because I normally play my pc. So this includes the following. One 80GB ps3 model with two ps3 dual shock controllers One charger port pyramid thing for two controllers with blue led lights. an HDMI Gold tipped 5 or 10 m cable (can't remember) and 8 Games These are Eternal Sonata Valkyria chronicles Little Big Planet Grid Metal gear solid 4: Guns of the patriots Skate 2 Uncharted 2 and Soul Caliber 4 I'd rather pickup, but i could work out postage, might cost a little more though. I'm situated in portlethen Aberdeen, request if you want pictures but everything is completely 100%. Mint condition. Cheers
  11. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/678787/DarrenC%20-%20Paparazzidjentcover.mp3 hey guys, finished this a little while ago. had trouble keeping it in key! But i think it turned out okayish This is just for fun, and isin't being used for anything, feel free to download by rightclick and pushing save as
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