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more rock than i thought???


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my amps been busted for a while, so last night i decided it was time i found out what the fook was wrong with it. i took off the back cover and low and behold, the root of the problem.

one of my power tubes had actually blown. not blown like a lightbulb.... blown as in it was all cracked and by the looks of things, it couldn't take the heat.

check this shit :)


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get this amp dude.

I was considering selling mine if i got good money for it.

i'd probably cry if i sold it though cos i'd never be able to match its leetness!

stay away from TSL's and Rectumfriers.

Get a VHT or an ENGL.... or a 30th Anniversary :)

i put in a replacement and its fookin awesome!!!! lovin it :)

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