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Oasis @ Murayfield

Guest calumunderkills

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Guest calumunderkills

Anyone managed to get through for tickets!?

I got through and ordered 6 tickets, stuck my details etc in, clicked confirm and then it said server too busy!

Does that mean I have the tickets or not!?

I've been clicking "try again" for about 14 minutes now, but to no avail and haven't received a confirmation e-mail, so don't know if I have tickets or not!! o_O

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Guest calumunderkills

My mate got a random email from See Tickets yesterday (after it didn't go through, and he went and bought 4 tickets from Ticketmaster) saying he'd purchased 2 tickets!


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That'd be the email that says the following?

Dear Mr blah blah

According to our records you may have received multiple confirmation emails for your recent Oasis transaction.

This was due to a technical fault with our e-commerce service for which we would like to apologise.

We would like to reassure you that you have only made one transaction for the the following show to be held on Wednesday 17th June 2009 at Murrayfield Stadium.

I got two of them!


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