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"Backbeat" soundtrack


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I watched the movie Backbeat the other day (the one about the Beatles in Hamburg) for the first time in years and I got quite a surprise when the credits rolled and the names of the musicians who had recorded all the music rolled past. They didn't use any Beatles recordings (as they were just playing covers at that time) so they put a band together to record versions of all the songs the Beatles were covering at that time. And what a band it was: (bear in mind this was in 1993).

Rather than re-create the period sounds, iconoclastic, rebellious musicians were recruited (as a producer noted, The Beatles' pre-recording stage act was "the punk of its day"). This was done to better convey the way the music came across to the audience, at the time.

Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum): vocals

Greg Dulli (The Afghan Whigs): vocals

Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth): guitar

Don Fleming (Gumball): guitar

Mike Mills (R.E.M.): bass guitar

Dave Grohl (Nirvana): drums

Backbeat (film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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Funnily enough, I bought this CD a few months back on amazon for a couple of quid.

Also worth investigating is the velvet goldmine soundtrack -

1. Needle In The Camel's Eye - Brian Eno

2. Hot One - Shudder To Think

3. 20Th Century Box - Placebo

4. 2 Hb - The Venus In Furs

5. T.V. Eye - Wylde Rattz

6. Ballad Of Maxwell Demon - Shudder To Think

7. The Whole Shebang - Grant Lee Buffalo

8. Ladytron - The Venus In Furs

9. We Are The Boys - Pulp

10. Virginia Plain - Roxy Music

11. Personality Crisis - Donna Mathews, Teenage Fanclub

12. Satellite Of Love - Lou Reed

13. Diamond Meadows - T. Rex

14. Bitter's End - Andy Mackay, Paul Kimble

15. Baby's On Fire - The Venus In Furs

16. Bitter-Sweet - The Venus In Furs

17. Velvet Spacetime - Carter Burwell

18. Tumbling Down - The Venus In Furs

19. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) - Cockney Rebel, Steve Harley

Amazon.co.uk Review

Director Todd Haynes's celebration of the sex, drugs, and rock & roll of the British glam era of the early 1970s, Velvet Goldmine, would be nothing without the music that inspired it. A few unusual absentees (no Bowie, Iggy Pop, or New York Dolls?), but folks such as Brian Eno, Roxy Music, Lou Reed, and T-Rex are represented. Several covers from the glam era are performed without much deviation by two supergroups: the Venus in Furs, featuring members of England's elite--Bernard Butler, and Thom Yorke of Radiohead; and Wylde Ratz, featuring Mark Arm of Mudhoney, Ron Asheton of the original Stooges, and Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth. Strongest are the originals submitted to the film: Shudder to Think tame their own experimental excesses to put forth two glam-worthy originals with "Hot One" and "Ballad of Maxwell Demon", and Pulp deliver "We Are the Boys", which runs amuck with the dramatic stage power of the finest glam. --Rob O'Connor

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Yeah, remember quite a fuss being made about it at the time. There were of course old recordings of The Beatles that they could have used but they hardly ever used to allow films and TV to use their songs back then (They seem to be more lax now), and I seem to recall that they weren't that keen on the film being made anyway.

Think I went to see it at the cinema.

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