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Occasional Monsters


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So who went to see it then? I was really enjoying it until the projector packed in, I felt really bad for guys, it must have been fairly gutting. Still the movie up until then was good, it was affa funny, and actually better than I was expecting. Wolfgang in particular was hilarious, I loved the bit when he was arguing with the curator in the museum, and with the guy in the careers office. If your reading guys, top marks to all involved, be sure and sell the DVD so I can see the ending. :popcorn:

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Thanks for the support! We were very pleased with how many people turned up & how well the film seemed to go down with everyone.

Our apologies for the technical problems. We aim to arrange a second showing in Aberdeen sometime in the next two months, and we guarantee the whole film will be shown at that time.

High-quality DVDs will also be appearing sometime before the end of the year. Watch this space: Donside Pictures or this one Occasional Monsters

Thanks again.

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It's being screened twice in one day, this Sat 6th December: 11.30am at the Belmont, 11.30pm at the Cameo Picturehouse in Edinburgh.

DVDs will also be available from that day, so if you don't have the power to get up & walk to a cinema in time for 11.30am then you could always go to www.donsidepictures.co.uk at any time you like (from Saturday) and buy the film from there.

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I'm wondering if it'll be okay to come down to the showing later. I forgot that i had my hair cut appointment at 11:30am, but I can toodle down afterwards to catch the rest of the film. Do you think the punks at the Belmont will let me in?

Probably. You could argue that you paid to see the whole film two months ago & were deprived of the ending, so now they owe you. Failing that, push someone over and run into the darkened cinema. They'll never find you. Until the film ends and you have to leave, that is.

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Occasional Monsters on DVD!

Occasional Monsters is now officially available on DVD.

If you like computers, you can go here and get yourself a copy for just 9 (that DOES include postage and packaging). That way you don't have to deal with the hardship of having to walk somewhere within a certain timeframe.

If you like shops, it's also available from One-Up.

The DVD features:

- Out-takes!

- Deleted scenes!

- Theatrical trailer!

- Directors' commentary!

- Production stills!

Plus some pretty cool artwork.

More details available from www.occasionalmonsters.co.uk and www.donsidepictures.co.uk.


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