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Alamos Are Splitting Up - Last Gig Details

Uncle Fritz

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Dear Pilgrim,

After 5 memorable years we have decided to bring Alamos to an end. The reasons are varied but thankfully they have been realised in an amicable light.

Our last show will take place at Dundee University's Student Union on Wednesday, 22nd of Oct. The show is free and we have been given an unlimited guestlist for those of you who do not hold student cards. If you'd like to come and say goodbye then let us know by either contacting us on Myspace or through our email address: band@alamos.co.uk As a special farewell gesture we'll be giving away a number of copies of 'Captain Indifferent...' for free, along with any other goodies our tired and battered merch box may contain!

Although the 22nd will mark our final live apperance it won't be the last of our collaborative output. Our good friend, Ash Branston has taken it upon himself to create a documentary of sorts focusing on Alamos. Given the mountain-loads of footage we have accumilated over the years and the amount of time it takes to edit it all, a release date is not known at this time. However, keep checking back on Myspace and/or the website for further updates.

We would sincerely like thank everyone who has contributed to our cause over the years. Although short, Alamos has had an incredibly enjoyable and privilaged life and we hope that those of you who enjoyed our music will continue to do so in our absence.

All the best,

Kris, Mark and Fritz x

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