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imp: To Rococo Rot + Laki Mera + Sarah J Tingle @ The Tunnels, 5th Novemeber


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as part of SOUND festival, interesting music promotions present


Wednesday 5th November 2008

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen AB10 1BF. Phone 01224 211121

Doors 8pm

Tickets 6+bf in adv / 8 on door

Available from One-Up Records, Belmont Street, Aberdeen. Phone (01224) 642662 or http://www.ticketweb.co.uk






To Rococo Rot first performed together in 1995, in Berlin, when Robert Lippock invited then Kreidler member, Stefan Schneider to join him and his brother, Ronald, in sound tracking an exhibition of the latter's lithographs. In the thirteen years since, they have collectively and independently released music on interesting labels such as Kitty-Yo, City Slang, Sub Pop, Domino and Raster Noton.

In the past they have kept things interesting through collaborations with artists like D (Darryl Moore), I-Sound (a New York DJ), Alexander Balanescu, The Pastels and St. Etienne, and from the music each of them makes outside the group, in Tarwater, and in Mapstation and other solo projects and collaborations.

The TRR sound is quite unlike any other. Those familiar with their previous work will find that MUSIC IS A HUNGRY GHOST sees the band refine their talent for sumptuous and restrained instrumental soundscapes, underpinned by Stefans lugubrious basslines. But it also exhibits even greater skill at resolving the conflict between abstract electronica and contemporary dance music. The new album sees the band at their most accessible, weaving intricate melodies amongst intimate sounds, whilst maintaining the trademark warmth and elegance that has always lain deep at the heart of their sound.



Laki Mera are a pan-European sonic collective who fell to Earth in Glasgow three years or so ago. Their combination of talents draws together a former punk multi-instrumentalist from Rome in the guise of Andrea Gobbi, the angel voiced Laura Donnelly and the diverse backgrounds of Keir Long, Tim Harbinson and Trevor Helliwell. Together they make electronica from the top drawer. Lush, almost cinematically visual soundscapes build from spaced-out synths and carefully controlled percussion into spectacular ambient audio bliss.

The debut album, 'clutter' comprises 11 masterpieces served ice cold, gently melted by Lauras spine-tingling vocals. Stunning, ambient electronica conjures shapes and textures occasionally hinted at by Zero 7 but not fully heard and appreciated since latter day Eno or ambient Japanese god, Ryuichi Sakamoto.



Chinese pop, visual and psychobilly from the eclectic Sarah J. Myspace told us that. Will she bring a guitar or keytar? We have no idea.



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Boomkat got copies of this release & started selling it today......

I hope TRR have copies on Wednesday to sell



Mini LP // 8.99


Released: Feb 2008

Catalogue Number: RUG265T

Back in stock! *THIS RELEASE IS AVAILABLE ON VINYL ONLY* It's funny how you only realise how much you've missed something when it comes back. To Rococo Rot haven't made a new record since 2004 and the excellent 'Hotel Morgen' but now they're back with this brand new mini-LP and easily their best material since the groundbreaking "Amateur View". With 'ABC 123' the band have gone back to what they do best, choosing to drop much of the instrumentation that defined their sound; analogue synthesizers, guitars and drums - and opting instead to use only their computers and the simple Yamaha Vss30 synthesizer. By harnessing the limitations of this setup the band have truly rediscovered their identity and these eight tracks are just a joy to behold. In fact they bring back some very fond memories - the album starts with 'Frietag', a track built around a rolling synthesizer loop, the kind of loop you know within seconds simply must have come from the To Rococo Rot studio. With the emotional resonance of their classic 'Cars' and a swift look back to Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream the band have re-defined what it means to make electronic music in 2007 and although 'ABC 123' might be their most electronic record to date it's also one of their most unashamedly enjoyable. Just take a listen to the almost breaks-ish 'Lvx 4' with its rolling bass and cyclic beat and you'll remember just why you fell in love with the genre in the first place and why there's so much mileage in this excellent band yet. To Rococo Rot have honestly surprised us with this EP, forging one of the most unexpected high points in an already stunning year for music. If this is a hint of what is to come then the rumoured new album should be something very special indeed.... Absolutely essential music.

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Another great article from the guys at The Kiosque


To Rococo Rot, Laki Mera, Sarah J Tingle

Wednesday 5 November | The Tunnels | 8pm | 8/6adv

To Rococo Rot is a palindrome, you know, reads the same backwards, like Rotavator, or nun. Now the obvious thing here would be to write "but there's nothing backward about the Berlin post-rock trio however...blah blah." Probably been done before though. Very uninspired.

There's nothing backward about the Berlin post-rock trio To Rococo Rot however, since their 1995 debut which saw them soundtrack a friend's art exhibition, their brand of instrumental electronica has seen them bracketed alongside contemporaries such as Boards Of Canada and Tortoise. Well-received albums were released on uber-hip labels like City Slang and Domino and collaborations with the likes of Saint Etienne undertaken. In 2007 their latest work "abc123" was a commission to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Helvetica typeface, so there's definitely a hint of the conceptual about them. Don't let that put you off however, their music is stark, but strangely warm at the same time. They're well worth seeing in other words.

Support comes from Glasgow-based ambient electronica collective Laki Mera and Aberdeen's own lo-fi folk/keyboard whizz Sarah J Tingle. This is another Sound Festival event, and we have to say it's been an excellent programme so far. Long may it continue.




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