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FreeGig -Aphrodisiacs/ Eric Euan / The Little Kicks - Drakes 10th June + E.P for Sale

Steven Milne

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Hello to all of you,

Were playing Drakes next week (Thursday 10th) should be a good nite, the line up is as follows:

The Aphrodisiacs

Eric Euan

The Little Kicks


I know that all the GoNorth stuff is on but its free entry and a good line up so hopefully some of you can be convinced to attend.

The Aphrodisiacs are an Edinburgh based band, Ill post some more info tomorrow or later today but they sound really interesting.


Cheers to anyone who came down last week to our E.P Launch at Drummonds. It was a good nite and we sold a lot of C.Ds. Would have been a bit better if half the band and crowd werent dying with that superbug but we got through it somehow. Think we had just over 200 through the door over the course of the night. If anyone did buy a C.D any feedback is much appreciated.

The E.P is still available for sale - 6 tracks for 5

To get a copy come down next Thursday or

go to our website: www.thelittlekicks.co.uk

or PM me through this site

Im also playing Belmont Cinema accoustic tonight at 9.30pm if anyone is at a loose end and Ill have copies on me tonight if anyone fancies purchasing a C.D.


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Info on Aphrodisiacs

Said Id post some info on the Aphrodisiacs:

"The Aphrodisiacs are a three peice experimental/dance/rock/electronic outfit from Motherwell. In the forthcoming months we are releasing our first album on SL Records and are due to record our Second Peel session at Maida Vale in August. This is our first visit to Aberdeen, in the past we have played all the usual venues in Glasgow/ Edinburgh. Come and see us, it wont break the bank. ..............."

So there you go

Will post any more details as week goes on


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