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Manics new album info

Larsen B

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They've just finished recording in Ireland and are compiling the album from about 20 tracks. Working titles for the album include 'Life Blood' and 'Goodbye Suicide'.

Songs titles included are:

A Song For Departure


The love of Richard Nixon


To Repel Ghosts



Askew Road

Solitude Sometimes Is


Always / Never

I Live To Fall Asleep

Cardiff Afterlife

Empty Souls

Voodoo Polaroid's


The band are also planning a special 10th Anniversary addition of The Holy Bible including a never released American remix, a DVD and a special show at The Astoria.

During their time in the studio here is what the band have been listening to, reading and watching:


Low Life - New Order

Scary Monsters - David Bowie

Tusk - Fleetwood Mac

Orange Juice - The Orange Juice

Grand Turismo - The Cardigansbr> Abba Gold - Abba

Black Cherry - Goldfrapp

Sulk - The Associates

Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters

Head On The Door - The Cure

The Graveyard and the Ballroom - A Certain Ration

The Voice of America - Cabaret Voltaire

Moving Pictures - Rush

The Last Film - Kissing The Pink

Same Old Scene - Roxy Music


Carol Anne Duffy

Elizabeth Jennings

Louis MacNeice

Emily Pankhurst

Richard Nixon

Oscar Niemeyer


Nighty Night

Newsnight / Newsnight Review

Top Gear

The Amp

Elephant (Gus Van Sant)

Inside the Actors studio

Ronnie O'Sullivan

La Liga

Monaco Grand Prix


Lucian Freud Exhibition

From manics.co.uk

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