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Members for a metal/ post hardcore band ne 1?

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im 19 and a guitarist.. im lookin for dedicated members to get a band going and get gigging and touring eventually

I have loads of gigging experiance and write alot of my own stuff

Im lookin for a drummer, bassist, 2nd guitarist, vocalist/screams ( but have got intrest in that already).. and possibly a synth/vocalist

My influences range from alot of styles. the most listened to bands by me are

Bullet for my valentine

As i lay dying

Flood of red


Dividing the line

escape the fate

funeral for a friend




This is a serious ad so only post if ur seriously intrested

Cheers. :up:

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there are not that many people on aberdeen music who listen to that sort of music.

go hang around outside captain toms, im sure you will get someone there with a bit of interest. Put adverts up in One Up Records, Captain Toms etc.

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