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  1. Is there no drummers out there!? We have wee recordings of us writing our songs if you'd like to hear?
  2. We are looking for a new drummer...As it appears we are about to part with our drummer. All members are around 20-21 year old and band consists of 2 guitarists, a bassist and also a vocalist. We have a 10 + songs written atm, and are very varied in style. Ppl that have listened to us has compared us to bands such as Funeral For a Friend, You Me at six, Dead Poetic, All our influences include Bands such as - Funeral For A Friend You me at six A Day To Remember Atreyu Bullet for my valentine Kings of leon Yashin Paramore Underoath And many More All ages under 25 will be considered for the position We have our own practice space aswell so we can hold band practice whenever And we are ready to hit the studio and start gigging once the new drummer is in place If your intrested then PM Me and ill get back to you Thnx
  3. I'm Looking to set up a new band and looking for ambitious People to join with genre to be decided I'm a guitarist, 20 years old and have own space to practice write music. Looking for a 2nd guitarist Vocalist Drummer Bassist. I am into many different genre's of music and bands. Bands i listen to include A day to remember Bullet for my valentine Yashin Kill Switch Engage Saosin Circa Survive Flood Of Red Dead Poetic August Burns Red Lostprophets We are the ocean Paramore Underoath Our last night Funeral for a friend and so on............ Iv been in bands before and gigged all over aberdeen And i write alot of my own stuff as well If your interested and between the ages of 17 - 22 then give me a PM
  4. Avoid the morning are piss poor!, id rather listen to the screams of down syndrom kids having sex than listen to that shite!
  5. . Yeah, new to the internet, when i work in I.T.. guess again. well naebody's askin u to read it if it gives u a sare heed. im just saying tht im aloud to spell or write the way i wanna on this shit hole . And to be fair.. you must have nae life if you go through post's spell checking everything... cause that to me sounds like u need to get out more instead of sitting online with ur jeans at ur ankles watching some anime mate. so what if i choose to spell differently to ppl who are ocd on spelling then work up a sweat goin through checking spelling.. so what.. your aloud to express your opinions Just a lil sad fan sum1 goes round posts with a spell checker then gets hard pointing it out!
  6. Am i aware tht im being a bit of an arse?.. nae rele like.. are you aware of how sad it is that yous point out how ppl choose to spell on this thing.. now thats sad.. oi that boy used text language.. omgz tht n00b! how dare he! Am i aware tht im being a bit of an arse?.. = amazing comeback.. fucking world class mate.. who the fuck calls sum1 a arse intending to offend?? maybe pre-schoolers who think its funny... ahahahaha mum he said arse!!.. childish! What?Shut up please... = who let the 6 year old on the comp??? i mean come on.. how sad is that.. oh shut up please.. your hurting my feelings .. aha get a grip!
  7. Aha since when did anyone on here have to use proper grammer !.. i did'nt notice that in the sign-up form! so the way u spell what u like the way u like is up to you to be honest.. nae my fault all you sad fucks are creaming over names for a shitty tribute band... its like the pedofile club all gathering to name some 13 year olds band and become his uncle! YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!
  8. ? who would do a tribute band to a band tht cant write music themselves worth a shit.. there boo'ed most places they go unless its there gigs cos all the emo's turn out in force with the razor blades in tact! There pathetic and over rated.. tbh ull end up gettin no crowds here and a load of shit hurled at you.
  9. pm Ive sent u a pm dude. Any vocalists intrested yet? x
  10. My band are now looking for a drummer and a vocalist/screamer to complete a line up for a band tht has been on the go for a while.. due to personal reasons.. the drummer left and now due to non commitment to the band we have decided to let our vocalist go. our band has songs written and the remaining members are ready to get going again this time with committed members getting involved in the positions available. there are 2 guitarists and a bassist left in the band and we are either 19 or 20 year old. we are aiming get goin quick and build a strong set of songs. Our influences include Underoath Bullet for my valentine Lostprophets Our last night Yashin exit ten Circa survive A day to remember We are the ocean Saosin From first to last ETC... we have a very varied taste in music If ur a drummer between the ages of like 17ish - 22ish And a vocalist tht can scream between the ages of 17ish - 22 ish then give me a shout on a pm or here. Cheers:up:
  11. This is the deal.. me n the guitarist have material written.. sounds rele good.. but our drummer fucks around and dusnt give a shit about puttin effort in.. so im lookin to get a new drummer in asap to get things moving along again already have 2 guitarists, bass and vocals/screams.. material been written so the foundations are there. we are all in the ages of 18/19 or 20ish so a drummer around the ages of 17 - 22ish wud be perfect like we have our own practice room set up so practice when we want for how long we want. Influences include.. Underoath Bullet for my valentine a day to remember atreyu circa survive memphis may fire bmth yashin escape the fate etc... if ur intrested then leave me a message and i will get back asap!
  12. anyone at all? ? :| got a couple poitions filled like?
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