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Film help.... trying to remember a title

Johnny Mac

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Right... trying to remember the name of a film with a hilarious ending.....

Set underwater (or at least part of it is).

At the end the mAIN guy escapes whatever peril is after him, then all of a sudden a shark attacks him when he gets to the surface which he simply hits on the face and it retreats.....

Any ideas?

I'm sure it's not the deep or the abyss..... or is it?

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No, it's none of those sadly. Cheers for the link though.

I don't think it's about sharks specifically.

A shark just appears right at the end which cracked me up.

So it's an underwater movie with a shark attack right at the end.

It's not Abyss that's for sure.

Was it not the Snorkels? (was that on tv in the UK?)

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