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palm mute


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well it's when you mute the strings with your right hand and play the strings. but i use my pinky finger because it's more comfy and my arm doesn't reach that far but meh.

like eh...........................listen to offspring or NOFX. there's alot of palm muting on that.

i'm pretty fuckin fast at that sorta shit and eric melvin wishes he could play like me.

i'm done now.

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hmm. its kinda hard to describe. put the guitar on your knee for a start. now rest the side of your right hand (or left if your left handed or right if your left handed but play with your right or if your r...) as in the bottom side of your hand on the strings just infront of the bridge. you dont need to press down too hard just lightly and play the strings while the side of your hand rests on the strings. hmm. dunno if that helped

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I know you're having trouble with it but it's a pretty easy technique to master with a bit of practise and sounds good when you get it.

Make sure you are holding your pick right. Curve your index finger round like a c-shape and grip the pick firmly between your index finger and thumb. The surface of the pick should be at 90 degrees to your palm.

Start out just trying to mute one string at a time. Rest the fleshy bit of the palm of your hand(the bit under your pinky) on the low E-string and just try picking that string in a rhythmic way. Make sure you have plenty of gain on your amp otherwise you wont notice how effective it is.

Try varying how hard you are pressing your hand against the strings.....

Hope that helps a bitty....

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