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Drum Kit For Sale


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It dawned on me that drumming takes alot of time and commitment to perfect.Which i have no patience for. So as i am hitting the road in November(Off travelling) i will be selling my kit. Its in excellent condition and only been used a handfull of times.It has been stacked up for over a year now.And for those that know your drums will know its a good piece of equipment.

Silver Pacific kit.

Comes with what you see here.....

Also included is a drum stool,set of "dx" stagg symbols,a drum stool,two pairs of sticks,a pair of brushes and a double bass pedal.

I am free most nights after 8 if anyone would like a closer look. And please let me know if any of your friends are interested.

Selling for 750.

A great kit at a great price.

Don't hesitate to call - 07858759471.Im nice.

Cheers folks.

P.S - I have plenty more photos of the kit if you'd like a better look.

[img/]C:\Documents and Settings\Crocker\My Documents\My Pictures\Snapshot%7Boption%7D

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did you not buy it for 750?

I agree with this guy sorry to say. These kits go for 600-700 new with hardware so i don't reckon you will get that for it second hand mate! If you want my advise try selling it on ebay thats the best way. You could probally get 500 if your lucky. Ive sold lots of stuff over the years and the one thing ive leanred is that drums, unless special edition etc, have a high depresiation on them - my Special Edition Pearl Masters set-up in my pic with all the stands and cymbals etc cost over 7000 new a few years ago - i would be lucky to get 3000 for it now.

Hope this helps.


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Yeah that's a more reasonable price!

drum kits are almost as bad as cars!! Depreciate like crazy. I remember when I bought my Mapex Pro M kit for about 1000 (and at the time it was on sale, RRP was up at like 1299.99 or something!) and now I don't think they fetch much more...500? Something like that?

super gay.

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