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10th April - Metal Night - RGUUnion

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Ok folks after the success of my last metal night, I have been asked to do another one.

A little intro! My names Kyle and im a barman at the RGU Union and im tired of having so called metalclubs and going and its very comercial stuff and nothing new. So I have been speaking to the events folk at RGU and were putting on a metal night with me DJing.

The last one was held about a month ago and was a great success and everyone who attended was full of praise.

So I will be DJing and playing a selection of metal from melower bands like Placebo right through to extreme bands like Immolation and Napalm Death.

Its on the 10th April, 9PM, at RGU Union


Hope to see you there.

Please note that you have to have a valid student card to enter, however if your not a student if you have a student friend they are able to sign you in for 1 pund.

Any Questions just ask!

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Quite fancy this myself but I hope someone answers the issue of student cards, RGU only or others as my missus is Aberdeen Uni and I am Birkbeck Uni. Also is it only one person you can sign in or more than one as we have 3 friends interested in coming along so would be a pain to bin one of them (that's if us "foreign" studi's can enter in the first place).

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Hey all sorry for the late reply.

RGU students can sign in 2 people each for the cost of 1 EACH

Aberdeen Uni and Aberdeen college ids are accepted but can only sign in 1 person each.

As for other universitys I am unsure but I think it should be fine providing the are members of NUS.

Hope you guys can come. I promise a great night with cheap drink lol.

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I never bothered to get an NUS card as my missus has one but I we will come along and I will try and blag in directly with my Birkbeck uni card and it is now only 2 non students we have to sign in so fingers crossed we will get them both in as they are pretty keen to check the night out. Request from my missus is Juliette & The Licks. 8-)

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I think I will hit the doors at 8.30pm as there is a chance that there might now be 5 of us with only 2 studi cards (not RGU) to go around. Will blag our luck as the 3 others are all ex studi's from Aberdeen College/RGU but do spend a lot and have been big supporters of the Aberdeen metal scene so it's worth the effort to blag everyone in I think.

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