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Guest stuartmaxwell
Originally posted by lepeep:

is this a new LP ?

I'll go check, co OXXXES was fucking storming!

it was a fucking masterpiece, as far as im aware there is no new stuff but i got a load of songs from soulseek

panda strong is the best thing that aint on oxxxes, its fucking ace

about 30 different riffs in 6mins:dunce: :dunce: :dunce:

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I love Usa usa usa...

its the track where its comprises of the guy from the oxes trying to tell the record boss "how the track will appear on the album"..."there is no album"..."oh, sure, OK, well, the last track on the album will have like a conversation about the last track on the lp, and I'll say "USA USA USA"..."there is no lp"..."ok, sorry..." "USA USA USA"....

he he...fucking nuts.love it.

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