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Fudgenight: 3rd June

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Strobing Goat

Silver Pill

Onion Terror

Ken Hutchin

This fine event will be in the moshulu main room. 8pm-2am but the bands will be finished by midnight at the latest. Door tax is a slim 3.50

Strobing Goat - two guys. one plays guitar on overdrive over techno drum samples while the other shouts into a mic and comes through an FX rack. they're loud and snotty. they do a motorhead cover!!!

Silver Pill - play fuzzy spacepop rock with barbed hooks. the singer's a nutter. don't mess.

Onion Terror - catchy punk/rock/rap tunes, high energy performances, 'entertaining' banter between songs and the Eric Cartman look-a-like drummer!

Ken Hutchin - like green day meets supergrass. po p hooks and big riffs.

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Originally posted by The Ghost Of Fudge:

are you djing? i have jimsin and broken doll vs. psydoll and screamingzombiehell :) hmmm

and will the explanation to this confusion involve alchohol?

We called it first!!!!!!!!!! Remember the thread in the Fudgenet forum?????? hmmmm...

Are myself and the maxwell going to have to resort to drastic measures???

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