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Sound City... Mark 6


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anybody tried anything from this range out yet?

The older Sound City amps get nothing but praise for their tone... wondered whether this was a decent return by SC or just a crappy reissue/cash in.

How loud is the 50w head if it has been tried? again, the main selling point of the previous SC amps was their volume capacity. LOUD apparently.

The head retails for only 349, but i've seen as low as 300 and the matching cab for under 200. Could be a bargain.

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The new Sound City stuff is pretty honking :down: Same as the new Hiwatt stuff. Like you've both said, it's really just a trade in on the name.

new sound city range are more of the "cheap chinese made valve amps" of which a lot of decent amp manufacturers seem to be getting involved in (big mistake IMHO) - the list includes fender, peavey, ashdown etc...

i tried a lot of the hiwatt stuff in denmark street a few years ago, i thought it was pretty good, but overpriced for a korean made amp (im told - but finished in the uk)

if you want a real hiwatt, and have a few bob to spare, speak to matamp, they make a "Harry Joyce" head (the engineer behind the hiwatt). the joyce head is probably the closest you will get to a real hiwatt today. the HJ head that matamp produce is based on his last ever prototype head before he passed on.

back to the sound city, i'd try them by all means, sad thing is even if they sound good, based on the performance of similar products you would have to wonder how reliable it is....

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rubbish. mind you, some ill educated guitar newbs would spend a similar amount on a line 6 combo simply to find out it has the worst tone a amplifier of any sort has made. can you go that far wrong with a valve amp? i mean obviously its nae the be all and end all, but does it not always bring some degree of clarity/warmth etc etc?

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