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Home Recording Setup?!


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The core of my setup is a pretty modest laptop, running Ableton/FLStudio/Cubase SX/Adobe Audition/Max/MSP, networked to a desktop machine running the same software + midioverlan so I can slave off stuff like VSTi's and spread cpu load.

Hardware-wise, Alesis Photon x25 midi controller with built in 24bit 48khz balanced audio interface, Souncraft Compact10 mixer, Alesis m1Active 520 active monitors, Korg padKontrol, pair of belt drive decks and a Numark DM950 mixer, sennheiser hd200 headphones and a cheapo stereo condenser mic.

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pretty decent laptop with a 2nd screen running ableton, cubase, pd/max/msp/supercollider and a bunch of other toys(pretty much all my synths and whatnot) - mostly in XP, though using linux when i've got any code to deal with , emu 4in/out usb2 soundcard, soundcraft spirit m8 mixer (pretty cheap to pick up this kind of mixer), tannoy system 8a monitors, beyerdynamic dt250 headphones, a workstation keyboard and a couple of synth modules, 6 or 7 mics covering the range, including a groove tubes gt66 which i love. some diy stuff, effects, reverse DI boxes and oddities. behringer knobby midi controller and weird homebrew midi sensor gizmos.

I really recommend just getting kit when there's something you actually find you need it for, rather than surrounding yourself with stuff. like trent reznor. that kind of studio, and that's what can do with it. arg.

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Finally got myself up and running, and it has taken ages to get all the bits and pieces together! It is satisfying when it all comes together and actually works!

I bought a cheap computer and filled it with a reasonable amount of RAM. Over the years I have amassed some nice instruments (mostly keyboards): digi piano, Roland JP8000, Access Virus TI and most recently a Moog Concertmate (cheers Tom!!), which is currently the most fun instrument to play with. A couple of different mics including one I use for brass instruments. This is all plugged into a Digidesign Mbox and run through Cubase SX3. Recently started using Fruity Loops which I'm finding a lot of fun.

I mainly use the Virus to record using SPIDF connection, sounds fantastic. Virus also has a plug-in that runs through Cubase, Ableton, Reason etc and also has an expensive piece of software called Powercore, that increases its scope. This, I haven't explored yet. I'm pretty satisfied with this set up; as a beginner it is not too complicated yet there is a huge amount of space to grow into it.

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