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The Ghost Of Fudge

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Deadloss just got back from rocking Stockholm with our Swedish friends Apes IQ. it was awsome. we had so much fun.

hopefully we'll have some videos up on our myspace soon, for anyone who wants a laugh.

and i believe our seventh wheel, binky, is writing a tour diary as well.

rachie and rass, you need to come with us next time, you'll love it.

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Bah :(

Glad it went well chaps, I'm sure Sweden will take a long time to recover from the Deadloss experience.

In the mean time, it's affa quiet in here!

Gig? Soon? Weekends? Yes?

I've missed you all like bananas, it's a lonely life up at Foresterhill!

[And I'm so bored, I've just listened to "12 Days of Fudgemas" in its entireity.]

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p.s. i thought i might ask neil to chuck the deadloss forum into the fudgenet forum? dunno if he can do that tho.

Merging forums is not a problem. Just say the word...

Have fun at the Foo Fighters last night? And has Binky written this tour diary you speak of or has still not pulled his finger out his arse as usual? :p

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there's video evidence, err, i mean footage, of our swedish triumph on youtube.

links in our myspace blog: www.myspace.com.deadlosssuperstar

watch us jump!

watch us point dramatically!

watch us swear at incredible volume!

(setlist: headrush/blackout - caroline's eyes - carniverous minds - feels like the bomb - kill before you're killed - wall of skin [tape runs out])

leave us a comment!

tell us we rock! or not.

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