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33 1/3 Series

Larsen B

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I was just wondering if anyone had read any of these book, because I've read quite a few recently. I find them mostly pretty interesting and informative. The best ones I've read are probably the ABBA Gold and 69 Love Songs (Magnetic Fields) books. The other ones I've read are:

Meat Is Murder (The Smiths)

Let It Be (The Replacements)

In An Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)

The Village Green Preservation Society (The Kinks)

Unknown Pleasures (Joy Division)

Murmur (REM)

Grace (Jeff Buckley)

The worst ones I've read were the Joy Division (basically just a short biography) and the Buckley one (just some quine salivating over him). I'm waiting on the If You're Feeling Sinister (Belle and Sebastian) one to arrive in the post, and after that I intend to read the Low (Bowie) and Dusty In Memphis (Dusty Springfield) books.

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I've read the Loveless and In The Aeroplane..., both were alright, nothing too interesting though. When they were cheap at Fopp (4), they made a good train/bus journey to Glasgow read. Started to read the Bee Thousand one but it was rubbish, it's probably cheaper to just look at wikipedia. That said, might have a look at the Double Nickels On The Dime one...

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