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Dimmu Borgir playing Glasgow this monday (Oct 1st).


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Nah, always a pain getting back and forward to Glasgow and have loads on so going to nip along to The Tunnels tonight to see InMe as I quite like them. Interested in seeing Dimmu though it will probably be next years Bloodstock before I do see them (Bloodstock tickets held at this years price if purchased before 15th Dec)

Might try and get up to Inverness on the 15th to Raging Speedhorn though.

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Did you go to Bloodstock this year? Testament and Sabbat were awesome.

When you guys next playing Aberdeen by the way, not managed to catch you for a while.

15th of October with Malera at Drummonds

21st of October- Charity gig at The Tunnels

27th October Fudge at The Moorings


Mr Goodkat

Krank Solo - kirkcaldy

ghost of bongo

If you do make it along Norseman, say hi.:up:

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Just testing you.


Good set from Dimmu last night. Not in this order (well, the first few are and the last :D) but they played:-

Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse




Grotesquery Conceiled

*Interlude - Fear & Wonder*

Blessings Upon The Throne Of Tyranny

A Succubus In Rapture

The Serpentine Offering

The Chosen Legacy

Sorgens Kammer

The Sinister Awakening

Mourning Palace

The bit at 3:06 from The Chosen Legacy (insane double bass) - nailed it :up:

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