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This is Neil Marshalls newest. Think of it like this: ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK meets 28 DAYS LATER meets THE WARRIORS meets EXCALIBUR meets ROAD WARRIOR.

Its about a virus that breaks out in north Britain. So, the Government erects a wall, cutting off Scotland. A generation later, the Government sends teams into what they expect will be a totally dead wasteland, but these guys find there are not only survivors, but this land has turned into a post-apocalyptic warzone. There are different sects and tribes all doing battle and these poor bastards are caught in the middle of it all.

Lets talk about the panel first, then the footage.

-Marshall said he wanted to make a dark and brutal thriller.

-He guaranteed an R-rating. It doesnt hold back on the blood and guts, thats for sure.

-DOOMSDAY will see release next year March or April.

-Budget was $30 million, compared to the $2 million he had on DOG SOLDIERS and $6 million he had on THE DESCENT.

-He prefers the original, UK ending for THE DESCENT. Its the only one he considers the real ending.

-He has a script based on the 9th Legion, kind of a WARRIORS set in ancient Rome. True story. Hopes to make it soon.

-Not involved with Sherlock Holmes anymore.

They showed a trailer pretty much setting up the description from above. Its shot well and really does look like it belongs in the same stylistic universe as ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. At least for the majority of the footage I saw. Then at the end theres a big car chase that I swear to God had the same film stock and lens package that George Miller used for ROAD WARRIOR.

taken from Ain't it cool

sounds shit but in a good way as were the other two movies the guy did.

must say its the first film in a while ive heard about and felt some form of excitement towards.

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Guest Steven Dedalus

The time is right for another post-apocalyptic wank-fest.

Hopefully it will have something in it to beat THE ultimate post-apocalypitc movie scene:

Mad Max eating a tin of dog food in 'Mad Max 2: the Raod Warrior".

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