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See You Tonight: New Onion Terror Single!

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3 years after our last compact disc we've finally got round to making another one It's called 'See You Tonight' and the track listing is:

  1. See You Tonight
  2. Jelly Tots
  3. The Pretty Fling
  4. Ground-In Dirt
  5. Hitman
  6. Itchy Butthole
  7. Merc

It's available at our next gig (This Saturday at the Moorings with ANTI-PRODUCT and NO SOUCIS) for the minor sum of 2! After this it'll be available from 1up for 2 which, last time I checked, was pretty good value for 7 tracks!

You can listen to three of these songs, and plenty other ones, on our BEBO and MYSPACE pages.


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