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Avril Lavigne sued for copyright

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does anyone else think that the rubinoos are a bunch of cunts? the 2 songs sound nothing alike apart from a tiny part of the chorus. they should be pleased that they managed to influence someone enough probably sub-conciously to write something like it.


that's theirs and the song is 'i wanna be your boyfriend' and its lame

also i like the avril lavigne song, and i actually bought it on itunes. no, really.

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"finnally someones putting that lesbian in her fucking place"


I like both songs... they should release them together in a question and answer style like that "Don't Want You Back"/"Fuck You Right Back" deal (although as I type I am reading on wikipedia that they weren't actually in in together). Anyway the Rubinoos are winning already with loads of new myspace friends and Avril is part of the super-cutest pop punk couple of the modern age and has three incredible albums out so everything's fine! :love:

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yeah the two songs sound nothing like each other, except the chorus is the exact same... blatant pagiarism obviously, no chance otherwise that such a cheesy couple of lines could ever be conceived twice. ever. :p

as bodast said, who cares anyway: the rubinoos song is way better, they get more publicity and thus sell more records.

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