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cheap hotels in new york?


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Guest DustyDeviada

I stayed here:


The room was small, but everything was nice and clean etc, great area, no facilities as such in the hotel, but a Starbucks and a deli literally right under the hotel as well as the entrance to the subway right outside the hotel's front door.

Would def. stay there again if I was going to NYC again.

Now, if you want REALLY cheap, Alan Cynic can recommend some of his hangouts in The Bowery. ;)

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The cheapest I found was the 'Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel' which used to be a flophouse for down and outs (and still has a wing full of them!). You get a cubicle about the size of yourself...a really thin mattress on top of a bit of creaky hardboard, and all the cubicles are open topped (but with high trellises to prevent thievery). At night you can expect an invasion of cockroaches (it freaked me out being nose to nose with one scuttling across the wall), and if you're REALLY lucky you get baby ones in the bedding (at least that's what reception told me it was...I still reckon it was a bed bug). between the noisy snorers and the beasties I only slept one night of the 5 I was there (getting bleezin' was the only solution).

Minus 5 stars from me....but it WAS an experience!

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If you really want cheap then the Gershwin has all kinds of accomodation from 10 to a room dormitory-style, to honeymoon suites.

The cheapest starts at about 20 a night if you are prepared to share with 9 others.

As befits a hotel with a musical name - it is a pretty hip sort of place with lots of pop-art style decoration both inside and out. Wi-Fi Internet, central location etc.

check it out at this website which spells everything out in graphic detail.

Gershwin Hotel - New York

There is a nice Steinway in the bar - maybe you could sing for your supper!

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Other ones I've stayed at...

The New Yorker (not cheap, but plush and clean)

The Chelsea Savoy Hotel (again, not cheap, but very clean!)

The Chelsea Hotel (Hotel Chelsea)..the famous bohemian one...I've stayed a few times..it's pretty down at heel, but has tons of atmosphere. For some reason, every time I've stayed there the room has been better than the time before ?(

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