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Free Recording @ T.Y.P ~ 14-25's


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Would you like to experience a day in the recording studio?

Is your band aged 14 - 25 or there about?

Would your band like a FREE recording with the chance of it being included on a compilation C.D? o_O The Torry Youth Project has recently installed a P.C based recording studio and is looking to take its first steps by putting together a showcase C.D of bands to inspire local youth in Torry to use the recording facility/band practice space. This project is looking to be started in the next few weeks so dont hold back. get in touch. Send us a P.M or show your interest below and i'll find you.

Equipment List: Various Dynamic Mics/Condenser/Drum Specific. Fender 2000 Bass Amp. Yamaha Drum Kit. Midi Keyboard for Soft Synths, Numark turntables and mixer. Yamaha 01v desk through a Tascam Soundcard into a PC. On order: Crate GLX 1200h and 4X12 guitar amp. Various soundproofing tiles/other studio bits n bobs.

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Thank You All. For you interest.

:up: Thank you. But the window of free recording has now closed. I have recieved enough interest from across the board and will now start contacting those on the list. If you missed out this time keep the old eyes peeled for information on future projects.:up: C.

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