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  1. No takers at all? Good kit. Good condition. Hardly Used.
  2. BUMP - This is still for sale at a measly 350 for now...
  3. someone make me an offer for this if they want...i do need to try and sell this asap. i know there are no photos but it has hardly been used and all in hardcases. moer than welcome to have a look.
  4. I have the above drum kit for sale. For info on the same kind of kit please see the below link. Ludwig Accent Custom CS Drum Kit I know this RRP is for about 800 but am looking for 450(ono) for this. This really is a great looking and sounding kit and would be great for any level of drummer. I really do not want to sell this as i love this kit - but in this world where cash is king, needs musts unfortunately. I do not have a photo of it, basically cause i am too lazy and they are all in the hardcases etc. this is the nearest thing to it i can find online. http://www.3d-guitars.com/ludwig/silver_sparkle_s.gif i cannot find gold ANYWHERE. It comes with all the Ludwig Hardware/Pedal etc Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  5. This sums it up. Listen on good headphones/speakers and turn up and just admire...! Praise the lord for this remastering! Amen
  6. You lot called him a con atrist, pretty much. He has come back being a seeming to be decent guy trying to justify himself (albeit it's not perfect but its first time he has done thing and maybe lessons will be learned). Just give the lad a break and appreciate the fact that it's not a huge money making scam like you first winged about!! EDIT: It's also just the fact that you can see he has spent all night putting that together, then you lot pipe up and go in so many words "oh well, check the nick of your expenses," Fuck me.?( I mean, not even an acknowledgement, or like, "Fair enough pal, we see where you are coming from, BUT..."
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