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  1. I'm always up for a jam... Now that you concentrated your time maybe we can set up a jam for a week on Friday give me a p.m to say if you are free. We could go for a 2 man wrecking crew and get the specialists in to decorate after. What you think??
  2. I thank you. The stuff i let you hear many moons ago is in cryogenic storage. I thought i'd try and get a few strong breaks before i go letting loose lots of small ineffectives. Get ready with the sun block 5000 "SUNFUNK" will be coming soon. Still a busy boy Col....
  3. Thanks for looking *cough* bump! *cough* Anyone any thoughts or pointers....
  4. I finally found the testes to let strangers hear some music i have produced at the TYP... Listen to it if you like and tell me what you think.... Corn Mars on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads Cheers!!
  5. Recording. The studio has been slightly quiet recently. I thought i should offer some more "RECORDING THURSDAY" @ T.Y.P. Why THURSDAY?? It's the only day there are no events. From 11 a.m til about 9 p.m. So if you or your band have a new song or piece of music burning to be recorded then give me a shout and i'll arrange a date. Recently installed 80's/90's outboard gear including the much sought after Lexicon PCM-70, rare Sony Delay and Reverb. Get in early to avoid... well not getting in at all. Peace, C.
  6. That was ace! I enjoyed every cell of that. What a recommendation. My kind of comic. Cheers Stripey.
  7. I recently bought : Miles Davis - Birth Of The Cool and Level 42-Ultimate Collection. Miles Davis is A1 classic. Level 42 have their moments.
  8. Great Sam! I like the quality. I don't know enough about photography to comment but i like what i see. I did think of some captions though. 1. This is the opening scene in Friday The 13th part 13: Jason Lives In Aberdeen. 2. Bad Girls The Movie: Prison Style 3. On scene report from the giant giga-daisy pandemic. Reporter claims this isn't so bad. 3.C: I see no ships or land captain. K: Look!! Over there! It's... S: Fifteen men, a chest and a bottle of rum. K: Forget the men i want the rum. C+S: Aye Captain!! Keep up the fantastic work Sam!!
  9. That sounds like alot of fun. Was it found in a skip. I knew a guy who found a Korg MS-10 synth in a skip. It worked after a tech friend fixed the power supply. Good luck on your journey solder.
  10. LOL!!! Yes the end of May. Sorry. My months are 25th to 25th. Or pay day to pay day. But me old buddy Mr Austin is quick on the buy. Ach well i'll just play with my MU128. It's 1500+ sounds will keep me busy. Hey RockAustin we should have a shouting match: Vocoder VS Talkbox. It would sound like Soundwave from Transformers discussing politics and current affairs with Steven Hawking. ACE!!!!
  11. I would have bought the microsynth but I just bought a YAMAHA MU128. If you dont sell it by the end of the month i'll take it off your hands.
  12. If you have the money. H20 by Visual sound. Its a 2 channel effect. Delay on one side and chorus on the other. I spied it a while back but never made the purchase. Check it oot.
  13. At first listen i picture a group of young lads having fun playing their fave music style. But if your looking for positive feedback. You guys just need to get your heads down practice individually and as a group over the next few years. Keep finding those sounds you enjoy making and keep making them until you get em right. Some good ideas but executed poorly. Keep practicing and tighten up. Realise the idea as a group and play it as one. Where did you record this????
  14. This is the first time i have listened to it since Thursday. Sounds very nice. What do people think of the sound on "Amen"?
  15. False Alarm. Torry insiders report that Toy were in the Torry Youth Project music studio and this has been cross referenced as the cause of the distubance. But there are still the aformentioned victims of the blast in need of the suggested aid. More news at 11....
  16. Go to the trophy shop beside Top Note. They would be your best bet. My girlfriend got some dogtags personalized for me there.
  17. When i met the members of At The Drive-In briefly at Manchester Uni. I managed to get "Relationship of Command" and "In Casino Out" C.D's signed by all members, i also got my ticket signed too. They played with the Murder City Devils.
  18. This is different. People with such disabilities have wheelchairs and prosthetic to make their life easier. To help them got outside and to function day to day. If a musician has a bad ear or cannot really perform what needs to be played then there should be no Option Mellodyne. I believe some people just have it in them to write, play and record music. Cyberdyne=Mellodyne. And we all know what happens there. Boo!!
  19. There are a few paths here. 1> As i mentioned before. If you are paying for your recording then this type of stuff will save you time. Saved time = saved money. 2> A person/band wants to be the best no matter what it takes. Tries to convince people that they can sing by not mentioning the type of pitch plugin/fx box they used. 3>You run a project/independent studio and know you can get more bands/acts back to your studio if you make them sound slightly better than they are. More bands through the door = more money. I do believe this software could be used in colleges to point out different mistakes and to explain theory associated with these "mistakes". But if you can drag a note around and change the scale/mode your playing in reguardless if you even know what a mode is. I feel these people with no heart or talent will forget the technique and just use the program, these people who have not taken time to learn their craft should be automatically coloured blue to make it obvious to everyone and anyone their shooting out their bum. But you can usually tell. Blue or not.
  20. I just hope that "decent producers" boycott this kind of program. Or at least put a sticker with Antares Autotune 4 or Melodyne written on it. Restore some ethics in to the system
  21. It varies through the genres. It depends on the song being produced. If it were a money making pop/dance venture then decorating a turd is what must be done unless their talented. But as for true grit music the emphasis on perfecting your art, what ever it maybe, is essential to keeping music real. Undiluted and free from mediocracy. The cream will rise but not with trickery. I just think that people shouldnt be fooled into thinking an artist or band is ace just because they've had the Big Fix Button treatment. Compensating for a room is one thing but doctoring the notes/pitches you play is... ... in religious terms, blasphemy. Or in Torry terms "pure wide min!!!"
  22. And a good producer will be able to recognize the ability of the musicians also. I fear that programs like this could be used to make the mediocre sound acceptable. I do agree that minor adjustments are useful but it takes away from capturing the realness of what the band/artist is and can do. Should you autotune a singer if they are "pitchy" or out of tune?
  23. Is this the end of REAL musicianship? It's a great advancement but this could be the death of great musicianship. Lazy playing/singing could be washed away with Melodyne. Any links to the technical workings of this program? I mean i get what it does but it comes across like a magic trick? One minute you've got your acoustic guitar and bam its split into notes and you can edit it. How does it do this?
  24. I remember a music seminar a few years ago in the Belmont Cinema. It was an interview with the guy who discovered Oasis. Some interesting information sourced from that event. The best part was when the guy who discovered Oasis had some verbal exchanges with the A&R guy from Warner Brothers Records the over treatment of bands after signing a record deal. It was quite exciting hearing two men of professional stature picking at each other with sly digs. Much fun. See y'all there.
  25. I don't try and look at the high end mics. The quality they give is very superior i'm sure but when will I EVER have 3k to spend on a mic. Nice dream though. Anyone one know of microphone hire in Aberdeen? I might be able to afford the hire of a mic like the Neumann you mentioned. But only for about a day.
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