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10ew, right hand left, x-certs...moshulu


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Ventured out to a gig for the first time in a very long while tonight....thanks Jamesy!!

10 easy wishes...

I have always had a bit of a soft spot for 10ew...they were always fun and had an innocent charm and vulnerability about them that was sweet, they played their tunes to their loyal fans, they never set the heather on fire but you still got your moneys worth.

Imagine my surprise when they took to the moshula stage tonight all grown up, broken voices, body hair and everything....more to the point, new tunes played well and an entertaining approach to their show, I think I miss the innocence a bit, but hey we all have to grow up one day...i'm still waiting.

Right hand left

Jesus 'h' Christ in a fuckin wheelchair....what a band! Great songs, great sound, fantastic vocals, instuments well played by good looking guys, the standard of Aberdeen band's has seriously gone up in the last year or two.

This band is as tight as a nuns front bottom and seem to be relaxed and enjoy the gig as much as the punters seem to.

For some odd reason I kept thinking...Idlewild and Big country, bands that have never done it for me but who both had a certain style and distinctive sound, these guys deserve to be bigger than a particularly big thing thats 8 months pregnant and overdosed on growth hormone.


Where do I start?

I remember seeing these lads very early on in their musical career, and i distinctly remember their singer/guitarist mounting the stage and slinging his guitar over his diminutive shoulder, I almost laughed out loud and I remember thinking "bloody hell, I bet this infant is going to be real good....not" the rest of the audience that night must have thought I had a nervous twitch I was shaking my head in disbelief so often...well not much has changed, my head took another severe shaking tonight....a fantastic band who never fail to entertain me whenever I get the chance to see them, which is far too seldom.

Stunning band with great songs and an incredible level of musicianship which is very rare these days, if this band doesn't attain a decent level of success then there is no justice in this world.


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as a drummer. never met the guy.

Strongly disagree...

There's no denying that McTaggart is the boy, however, Tom's slotted in nicely - he's a quality drummer without being fancy and he's got a killer voice on harmonies...

aaahh - the purists...

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