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That's fucking spooky, I was going to be going to that same game until my holiday plans got shafted 8o....

Bri - you can normally buy tickets at the ground far cheaper than you'll get them on t'internet, they don't usually sell out. Hope you didn't pay a small fortune for them, arf! The stadium actually looks quite rubbish from the outside, but if you're in the nosebleed seats, there's a cracking view of the outside skyline a'la being in the Sir John Hall stand at St James' Park.

Enjoy yourself! :)

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
That's fucking spooky, I was going to be going to that same game until my holiday plans got shafted

Does this mean we're on for the Glasgow Programme Fair after all?

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went past the stadium last time i was in the city (1994 i think), but no game to go to.

barcelona did beat real madrid (away) to life the league the weekend we were there though. cue all-night city-wide party :)

seats were thirty quid a pop, halfway up the third tier. noosebleed! no two seats together in the first two tiers at under 50 or so, and the girlfriend wasn't up for sitting 20 seats away from me...

tickets bought online fae here: FCBarcelona.cat

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the nou camp tour is ace. i got to stoke the pitch. it was quite grassy.

game was a 1-1 draw. ronaldinho penalty after deco got tripped in the third minute, then an equaliser as a result of a quickly taken free kick two minutes from time (sobis scored it and all the betis subs invaded the pitch for a mass piley-on coz they're battling relegation). messi and ronaldinho ran the show, but couldn't get the ball in the net. and eto very almost scored with an overhead kick, he was like 10 jamie smiths.

at the final whistle, half the stadium started waving makeshift white flags in surrender. it was quite something to behold. (they needed to win to go clear of real madrid, plus barca got thumped 4-0 last thursday in the spanish cup semifinal second leg and went out 6-5 on agg.)


spanish news report! YouTube - FC Barcelona - Real Betis 13.05.07

highlights! YouTube - Barcelona - Betis (1-1) resumen, La Liga LFP 07

penalty! YouTube - Barcelona V Real Betis

freekick! YouTube - Barcelona vs Real Betis 1-1 Sobis

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Hmmm, just stumbled on this thread while basking in the online afterglow of Sunday's Hun bashing.

I fear I may have brought the curse of deadenstereo to the mighty Real Betis. A few years ago they were in the Champions league and holders of the Copa del Rey. Then I move to Sevilla, adopt them as my team, and all of a sudden they're fighting relegation. Meanwhile, the city is practically on fire with all night partying as their arch-rivals Sevilla defend the UEFA cup, get to the Copa del Rey final and sit two points off the top of La Liga.


Still, at least things have started to go right for the Dons since I left the country :)

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