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I only have the The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw album and the March Into the Sea EP.

Can't get enough of both. Amazon here I come...

Get the self-titled EP and Austalasia, fuckign amazing. Especially Drought off of Australasia.

However, the song itself March Into The Sea is piece of beauty, seen best on copious amounts of mushrooms.

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I agree with Maxi that the new album is pretty sh*te but I must say that the new songs they played lived were really good - particularly Bliss In Concrete and the most "metal" one that I forget the name of.

Great that they played one of my fave songs from Australasia and finished with Red Ran Amber (never heard it on their FIOTWBTT tour with Cave-in when in living in Germany).

They came back for the encore and played the mighty mammoth and, although it was the "major" version (I prefer the original), it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Truly awesome.

The sound was superb for Pelican but was pretty ropey for These Arms Are Snakes. I got more in to them as their set went on but was I the only one thinking how incredible and amateurish it was for the guitarist to have to leave the stage for 10mins and change a string???? The bassist, singer and drummer could have jammed something decent at least.

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