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[GIG] GFN? Presents: The Shuffle + MCD + Contra + Civic Might @ Cafe Drummonds

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The Shuffle




"Our style has progressed through the years, in the early days we had alot of Ska influences mainly from Operation Ivy/Rancid and Capdown. Since we've found a fusion between older styles like Rancid and Dropkick Murphys' music and newer styles like Rise Against and Strike Anywhere's Music. "


"Now Ive been eager to see The Shuffle for a while now, and finally I can. Its rare that a cynic such as myself finds anticipated bands meet my expectations, much less surpass them, yet Thats what The Shuffle managed tonight. Id previously thought they had something of an oi edge, but tonight I was thinking more as if Rise Against were from the north, werent emo-y and didnt have a singer that looks like Johnathan Creek. The Shuffle have a new album either out or coming out soon, it will be well worth a listen if their radiant performance tonight was anything to go by."

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ooops, the new band is actually called Civil Might. i have issues with spelling, reading, writing, typing, speaking, intelligent thought, alcohol.....

but we got called 'the upstairs' on the poster for our first gig and 5 years later we went on to play a small pub in Buckie, so I don't think it's a bad thing.

sorry steve! i'll go round and tipex all the posters :)

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MCD www.myspace.com/brokenwords

The last band to play was Lincoln’s finest punk band MCD. To add more excitement to the gig, Gaz, Callum and Danny celebrated their 100th gig. The boys were all on top form, and I don’t think that I can think of anything that was bad. The stage presence and crowd interaction was all there. A very energetic performance from all members of the band. The drumming was on top form, as well as the other instruments and both vocals where at a high standard. The band ended the night by playing a cover called ‘True Believers’ by Bouncing Souls. Now I’m not a fan of bands playing cover songs but when they're played at a high standard as that was then I may change my views and opinions on the topic.

MCD get whopping and again a well deserved 9/10

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