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Frank Turner looking for gigs.

Old Gold

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sorry its just there is a bit of confusion about whats going on at the moment..

no there isnt.

Might Ducks couldnt find a venue for him to play the nights he could so, i have (just today) e-mailed him asking to join the Zoghrt Records bill with Dufus. Nae confusion - just patients.

Frank Turner is so amazing - looking forward to his reply. And Dufus are just away to start their USA/European tour - very lucky to have them play the tunnels - they are a brilliant live act!

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there blatently was confusion.

i have put him on twice and was asked to put this on, but was away and didn;t get back to him until after he spoke to MD. he then suggested he still wanted me to do it but i left it cos i was told MD had a venue and i didn't.

whatever, as long as we all get to see him. so who is he gonna be playing with?

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