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New Ginger song (Fans only please, that means you Burnham)

Afro Droid

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I'm just listening to it now and I really don't like it.

Fuck sake, it's really rubbish, isn't it.

I'm severly gutted.

What? Why? It's completley terrible.

I'm away to listen to Fishing For Luckies.

The gig will still be awesome though!

The song gets better near the end when it goes a bit epic - In fact i quite like the end. The piano then sounds like Meat Loaf. Christ, I'm typing as I listen to it. It's back to the reggae shite again - I dinnae like it again!

It reminds me a bit of McCartneys solo stuff in places.

Still undecided.

Cannae wiat for the gig, though!

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How come the Ginger-news service is so rubbish recently? - I must be signed up to everything cept the wildhearts discussion list, INCLUDING that myspace page and I heard nothing till this thread. Boo hiss.

Anyway, new song is at least interesting. Chorus is pretty good (not sure Ginger can write a bad one), but the Police-esque verses are a bit rubbish. I feel recently that Ginger always puts a "mad" riffy bit into all his songs, even if they don't need them.

I'll buy the album. Other tour dates Mr Lucifer? I managed to be out of Liverpool when both Ginger solo AND Sonic Circus came through....

EDIT: Read the dates offa the Myspace - Southhampton - Osaka - Tokyo - Nottingham. Nice tour. Dumfries but no Manc/L'pool? Flippin' heck.....

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What the fuck is he playing that shitehole for o_O

I hope its not the Loft or whatever they're calling it these days, that place is aweful. I don't even remember Dumfries having any sort of musical scene. I remember finding folks who were interested in playing in bands a bit thin on the ground, even guitarists.

I also remember going into the one 'indie' store in Dumfries, whose name i forget, when i was 14 and asking the guy behind the counter if they had the new Machine Head album and being looked at in the manner of this smiley: o_O

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