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MP3 Players + Video


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After an untimely incident with a water bottle and a Creative Zen yesterday, my MP3 player is now ruined. So what better excuse do I need to get a new one? Especially since my birthday's not *that* far away.

I'd quite like one with video playing capabilities and the only two I can find are :

Creative Vison M (http://www.comet.co.uk/comet/html/cache/626_333220.html)

And of course, iPod video (http://www.comet.co.uk/comet/html/cache/626_300446.html)

Anyone whose got one of these want to coment on them? Which one should I get? Help is appreciated folks, especially if there's any alternative ones I should be looking at :up:

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The best one you can get is an Iaudio X5L. Plays xvids which saves a lot of time and hassle. Don't think the screen is quite as big, but doesn't matter.

Apart from that, it's got the best sound quality (ipod is very shit compared), works as an extenrnal drive, has 30+ hours battery life, has a radio, line in recorder, fm radio (so you could record an mp3 from the radio).

Mine actually broke, but that's really unheard of with them. On warranty anyway. They are sturdy bastards. I just don't understand why they arn't better heard of....can only buy them online restricts them i guess.

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I've got a black 60gb Ipod and love it.

I've got an iskin thing over it and it keeps it well protected. The itrip is brilliant too.

No complaints about battery life either - just keep topping it up and never let it go empty.

I have cleared a 12' x 6' shelf of CDs and now have them a wee black and silver box I can take anywhere with me.

Ipods need a little bit of care and attention but if you look after them they are no problem.

Obviously, loads of folk hate them and there's no way you'll change their minds, but I love mine.

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