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Mia Riddle, Welfare Mothers, Holy Folks @ Tunnels, Tues8Aug

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Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the wonderful Mia Riddle, with a voice like honeycomb, has played and written music since anyone can remember... music for sleeping in the tall summer grass, songs your heart already knows, a voice that surprises with its strength and sweetness. The frailty of her songs are attacked by the force of her voice like a "sweet, emotional electrical storm" (Indie-Eye, Italy).

After forming and joining multiple bands on multiple instruments, she finally found the perfect sound - just herself, unadorned - and on her first UK tour strange and unexpected things were afoot. The release of her EP "Tender" on the English DIY Clean It Up! Records turned up a surprisingly dedicated and diverse group of fans. Mia's new full-length record entitled "Tigers" is scheduled for self-release in July.

No longer content to play alone, Mia has formed a new band employing the musical talents of Dan Barry (guitar), Seva Granik (bass) and David Tarica (drums). The sound is at once stripped-down and lush, the perfect accompaniment to her heart-rending songs and bewitching voice.

"a voice to die for... everything about her conveys images of romantic and wistful nights, spent doing too much talking and thinking but refusing to have it any other way."

Last Hours UK.

"Wherever we sit on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, all any of us really want is security and why not? Riddle's ragged and sorrowful songs, paeans to loss and loneliness, are the perfect medication. Forget your favourite sweater, wrap yourself up in this ep instead."


"With a lovely girl-next-door voice that sounds like Lisa Loeb's punk-rock sister, Mia Riddle is an indie-rock star in the making."

Santa Cruz Metro.

Only 3 folks!!!!




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