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The Ghost Of Fudge

scunner + the outside royalty + mind gone blind + hugh bruise : sat 29 july

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SATURDAY - July 29th 2006, 8.30pmish, tbc

www.scunner.net - A trio of mishaps who thrive on public adoration, have a penchant for the elaborate, and are simply mad-keen on decadence. They dream of Berlin 1930 and the Paris of the sixties.

www.adamevil.com -

After nearly three years of existence, Adam Evil and the Outside Royalty continue to refine their spectacle. Theyve been described as distortion-dosed rock with a glittery coat of glam, and looking half Weimar cabaret and half T-Rex. The truth is most critics dont know exactly where to place Adam Evil & The Outside Royalty, but they do know that theres something happening here that is turning some heads.

www.myspace.com/mindgoneblind -

Musically influenced by the likes of Metallica, Pearl Jam, Tool and Audioslave amongst others, M.G.B. continue to fly the flag for local rock music with their powerful and melodic offerings.

www.myspace.com/hughbruise -

Debut performance time! A side-project and alter-ego of RADIO LUCIFER frontman Jonny Lucifer, Hugh*Bruise is guitar driven alt-country country rock with leftist leanings, deep soul burn and killer instincts. Hugh*Bruise loves Jason Ringenberg, Johnny Cash, Husker Du, The Wildhearts and Alabama 3. Hugh*Bruise hates biogs.


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Scunner sound rather groovy, kinda Dresden Dolls-esque. Is the album available anywhere in Aberdeen? And don't say at the gig because I'm stuck working the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention at the Tree tomorrow. Meh.

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