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215 Wu-Tang Clan tracks available for Free Download.....

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why are they giving away so many free downloads?! is it legit? or is it just shit?

it looks pretty legit so i reckon its just a publicity thing? ?(

who knows... it's the official site so it's legit, though.

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found this on MTV.com -


"OK, how many times do you get the chance to hear a legendary group's demo tape? How hot were the Wu before getting with a record label and cultivating their craft? Well, the Wu-Tang Clan have not only leaked a bunch of obscure freestyles and unreleased songs via their Web site, but the Shaolin rap icons let out the very demo tape that got them signed to Loud Records more than a decade ago. The group's leader, the RZA, navigates us through the early days. Warning: the demo tracks are of the poorest sound quality."

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