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Calling all teenagers


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Hi all.

After the success of the last play, I've been commissioned to write a second, and again will be setting it in my home city.

It's largely going to be about teenagers, and I'm very keen to know what the experience of being a teenager in Aberdeen today is like compared to what it was when I was that age.

So I'm wondering if anyone on here is happy to share their thoughts?

Basically I'll be up in the city again probably next month, and if a gang or any individuals want to hook up somewhere with me and just chat freely, that would be great. It won't be twenty questions, just want to get your reflections on being a teenager here and now, is it as boring as it has been for most other generations, are Class As as easy to come by for the average teen as the papers suggest, do you feel constantly afraid of being judged or ridiculed by your mates or is your school/ social environment friendly and encouraging?

Look forward to hearing from anyone, cheers! Free tickets to the play or free booze naturally provided.

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