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Exciting Hard-Rocking Gig at the Moorings - May 27th..

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To the bands that played on Saturday...

I thought 7 Stone Under were awesome, band of the night IMO. Sounding very tight too.


There was a fuck up. We'd hooked up a new monitor about 20mins before the gig started (never a good idea, but we had expected it to arrive sooner). At some point during this process we'd managed to knock 2 of the other monitor speakers out of action, something we didn't notice until the next day. So you were all playing with only the sidefills and the center wedge working... which might have been why it sounded a little strange.

During level check I gauge the monitor volume and have Mark adjust it accordingly. With 2 speakers out of action (unbeknown to me at that point) I had him crank them up louder than usual in order to achieve the desired output, meaning they were close to flat out. So if you were standing near a side fill then you would have been deafened by mildly distorted vocal, and if you weren't, then you might not have been able to hear much vocal. Oops. I suspect it also muddied up the vocals out front a little because we were driving the stage too hard.

Having typed all this fact is that hardly anyone noticed. But just for the record this is how The Moorings sounds on a bad night LOL! The lesson here is not to screw with things on the day of a gig... but we knew that already. Doh!

We got all 7 monitors up and running properly last night. The extra speaker means we can run slightly lower volume and still achieve the desired balance. The system is now well within it's comfort zone and will typically be running at between -15 through to -8 dB, which has left us more scope for enhancing the sound with a touch of EQ, FX, etc.


To the Quixote guitar player and vocalist that had some guitar feedback problems: We suspect that your pickup may be wired up wrong - the effect of your guitar was microphonic (which is the opposite of what's supposed to happen). Might be worth checking this.


A positive thing to come out of the night was that Incense requested a mic on the bass cab. So I dug out our old AKG D112 that used to be on the kick drum before we got the Audix D6, and stuck it on the cab. Mark combined this with the feed from the DI (because the DI provides better top end), and holy shit what a difference. Way beyond what we'd expected. The old Ampeg with it's valves delivers a much punchier sound when mic'd up. So from now on we'll stick the D112 on the bass unless we need the feed for something else.

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