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Molia falls ect. 12/5

Guest MDP

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tonight was a pretty fucking descent night out...

I arrived as small enclosed area were about 1/2 way through their set (i think) and if i'm perfectly honest they did nothing for me, just didn't really like what they were doing...

then i headed through to the other tunnel for planeteers... they sounded like they played a good set, but i really felt sorry for them, as they had a feedback NIGHTMARE set, and level problems. :down:

then some other band in the main tunnel ,(no idea who they were...sorry) they were fairly good.

then onto eastfield in the other tunnel, they didn't exactly blow me away, but were a good band, i thought they seemed quite tight, and all their songs were pretty catchy. (also they were selling "juggling is shit" t-shirts for 4 which made me happy... being a juggler myself i immediatley bought one)

and then molia falls went on... HOLY SHIT!!!! :up::princess::up: best live band i have seen in quite a while, extremely tight, and very relaxing to listen too, really enjoyed their set, and was glad they lived up to my expectations.

last band of the night was copy HA-HO (or "COPY HA-HA" ) not a personal favorite of mine, in the past i have found them quite bland, but i really enjoyed their set, and thought it was quite a nice way to end teh evening

turnout didnt seem too bad to me either...:D

cheers to maxi, sharron, kirk and the rest of the GFN? crew for putting on such a good evening:up: , and sorry for the other bands i missed :down:

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