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  1. Hey, Yeah, we have sold quite a few They are still available for purchase through the secure PayPal links located on our website and myspace. Steve paritysfall
  2. There are now copies of Parity's Fall Debut EP instore in One Up Records, Belmont Street, Aberdeen. 2.00 for 3 tracks! one: what are we looking for two: escape this crash three: with a radiant world You can listen to the first two tracks at: Parity's Fall (Official Website) www.myspace.com/paritysfall "This is a band that needs to be heard" - YourMusicBox.org "8/10" - ZoghurtFanzine "Shimmering, delicate guitars...Worth seeking out!" - RockMidgets
  3. Hi Its seems to be fixed now if any one out there fancies a listen, Thanks, Steve
  4. ahh i see, thanks! thats quite a weird bug. hopefully itl be fixed tomorrow! Cheers
  5. We are having troubles getting the track to play - i think myspace is having some problems at the moment! Be sure to check back soon! Cheers Steve
  6. Hi yeah the TV show is really good...if you liked it i definately reccommend reading the book, its amazing. You find out about so much more what they saw, and more about charlie and ewan. Steve www.myspace.com/paritysfall
  7. hi, Does any one out there have a link (myspace?) or contact for valentine? Thanks, Steve
  8. Hello everyone, A last minute reminder to all; The Dirty Hearts Club Team are holding a back2uni party @ Snafu ,this evening (28th)! Parity's Fall An exciting mix of lo-fi pop and alternative indie rock. With their creative mix of sound and energetic live shows, Parity's Fall have continued to impress audiences of all sorts; from the casual music listener to the dedicated rock fan. V for Victory (10:30 - 12:00) A sound often loud, though sometimes quiet. A sound most times fast, but others slow. A sound always diverse, at least when not in the style of 'indie rock'. A sound that brought joy to all that heard it. Well, most. From 12am onwards, Dirty hearts club DJ's will play the freshest hits from the current indie-pop-electro-rock scene as well as favoured classics from the genre, in what is shaping up to be one of the finest club nights in town. Doors open 8pm
  9. Hey, We are looking for some one with good web design skills to help us make a website for our band. We would quite like the page to be in flash format. If any one is interested pm or message through myspace at: www.myspace.com/paritysfall thanks Steve
  10. After 7 long hours of recording and mastering on cubase, our efforts have payed off!! why not take a listen to the result at www.myspace.com/paritysfall and see if you agree Select "Endings" from the player...hope you enjoy. Cheers, Steve
  11. Hey folks. If you dont have any plans for tonight, why not head along to Snafu, to catch Parity's Fall and Amber playing one of aberdeens most popular club nights - the Dirty hearts, followed by an awesome Alt - DJ set from Steve Milne from the Little Kicks. Amber - 10pm Parity's fall - 11pm Steve Milne - 12pm 3 door tax Should be a good one, hope to see you there Cheers Steve www.myspace.com/paritysfall http://www.myspace.com/amber_music
  12. all you students out there have no excuse - exams are over!!
  13. Hello! Gray School of Art are hosting a show at Cafe Drummonds tonight as part of their graduation celebration + the gig is acting as a fundraiser. There are 6 acts playing, some of which are local, some not! The line up is as follows: Parity's Fall Secret's we'v Told All Stitched Up Saboteurs Kessel Run (Accoustic) Danny Doubt (Accoustic) Show Starts at 8:00pm £4 tax Hope to see some of your there, will be a great gig Steve
  14. Emergenza + My Space tunes available for download Hello people, just a wee note to say thanks to all the people who came to see us play at the Emergenza show last night at the tunnels! We were sceptical about playing this show due to some stuff we had heard about Emergenza, but it turned out to be great fun. Well done to Hot Mangu and The Little Kicks for Winning - nice one Also, we have enabled a few of our songs for download, if you fancy something a bit different to listen to on your mp3 player Cheers Steve www.myspace.com/paritysfall
  15. avast! and molia falls were amazing!! I quite liked the song Juniper green on the net so went to check them out, and was absolutely blown away. Awesome. Steve
  16. ...Check us out at www.myspace.com/paritysfall We are a 3 piece band called Parity's fall We have a few dates booked for the next couple of months, so if you like what you hear maybe come check us out! Cheers Steve
  17. Parity's fall are scheduled to play club Snafu, courtesy of the DirtyHeartsClub Entry 3 Show starts 10pm This will be our first gig in quite some time, so alot of new material will be played!! For a taster, visit: www.myspace.com/paritysfall Hope to see you on the 25th? Steve
  18. Sg Oh yeh, and whilst im at it, anyone wanna take an epiphone sg off my hands for say 80? Got to be some acdc fans out there! ha:up:
  19. Hello there! I dont suppose anyone has a standard mexican telecaster that they're trying to get rid of? let me know if so8)
  20. Thanks! we are hoping to play it live at our next show, maybe you could come along and see us play ! Steve
  21. New PARITY'S FALL track up now!! We have recorded a new track, called Endings, which can be listened to on our myspace site at: www.myspace.com/paritysfall Cheers, enjoy!! steve paritysfall@hotmail.com
  22. Brand new...take a listen! Yo. We have recorded a new track, called Endings, which can be listened to on our myspace site at: www.myspace.com/paritysfall Cheers, enjoy!! paritys.fall
  23. yup that sounds like a better idea ta. Dont suppose you have any photos of there EPs so i can get an idea of how they looked? Steve
  24. Exactly. we are wanting it to look as professional as possible (on a budget of course), with high quality graphics etc. Just trying to get ideas at the moment as we arent planning on creating an EP for a few months yet. Steve
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