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lowbrow.com...GONE FOREVER!

Guest MDP

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Guest MDP


HOW CAN THIS BE! :swearing:

i know for a fact a few members of this site were lowbrow readers, and im sure everyone can accept the sheer adictivness of this site...

i hadn't been on it for a month or 2, but a friend reminded me of it at school today, so i felt like a browin' session, and to my horror, read the message on www.lowbrow.com

this is shit, i used to be REALLY addicted, and have spent many an overnight session browin' till my sides hurt too much.

this thread is mainly for me to rant, but feel free to reminisce on the brillant site that was LOWBROW!

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uh no it isnt.

Lowbrow 1.0 was a project that existed from 1996 to 2006, a nearly ten year run of collecting text-based stories of the depraved, the young and the feckless. The run came came to completion when The Management lost interest in the financial care and feeding required to keep it running. The option was extended to the end users to help support the costs of maintaining the project. The silence was message enough. The project continues behined closed doors for those who did step up.
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Uh, yes it is

"The Lowbrow Line

Lowbrow is the home to Lowbrow 2.0, an audio project. Lowbrow is collecting your stories, thoughts and messages for broadcasting to the world. The previous weeks? Yeah, they aren't as great as they could be. Who can you blame but yourself?

This week's Topic: Something I've wanted to say for a long time.

Be detailed, please. Give context.

Because everyone has something they need to confesst.


Be depraved.

Be anonymous. Or not.

Confess your sins.

Unload your conscience.

Share your fantasy.

Share your shame. "

I could quote the whole page at you if I really wanted but seems a bit pointless.

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