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Guitar setup in Aberdeen

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I am an owner of a 7 string floyd rose Ibanez. I have spent some time trying to set it up. I have decided it really isn't worth the time that I could be spending practicing.

I set up my 6 string strat-style bridge Ibanez, no-problem but the floyd rose needs constant re-adjustment when adjusting intonation and such as the bridge angle changes. Then when the springs set, it changes slightly again. Causing a nightmare scenario.

I am wondering what is available in terms of guitar setup in Aberdeen. I put my old guitar into Rn'B it is really simple to setup, they charged me something like 60, if I remember correctly and it wasn't even done exceptionally. I also realise now it was really easy to setup in comparison to other guitars.

Is there any indepdent guys in Aberdeen who will charge a good bit less than this and do a good job, setting up intonation is the main job I need done, the rest I can do myself

www.Ibanezrules.com is a good guide but the intonation is the part that I really struggle with, i am also slightly sketpcial that my guitar will have the intonation set correctly after removing the bridge and adjusting all the saddles as shown on the site. I picture myself still spending hours after doing that to get it all in set correctly. Has anyone else followed that part of the guide and found they only needed minor adjusments afterwards?

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There's a mystical old man that lives out in the countryside somewhere that is absolutely legendary. You have to make an appointment to see him and if you turn up five minutes early his wife makes you stand outside until it's exactly your appointment time (this is all rumour and hearsay btw). He keeps your guitar for months but when you get it back it's like a different guitar, just perfectly set up (my mate got his fixed by him).

Anyone shed any light on the identity of this mystery man?

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