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David B

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Any recommendations on who best to set up guitars in the Aberdeen area (or who to avoid).

Strictly speaking I can now do a decent set up on my own guitars - having used my kids' guitars to practice on!

However, I have no electrical knowledge at all and when it came to wiring faults or pick up replacement I am definitely unable to do this myself. Same for replacing frets and nuts.

Any opinions greatly appreciated.

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Guest five years
I believe Neil from Eric Euan (ex Bruce Millers' date=' Prosound) is now working out of Capt Toms. Go see him, he's the man.[/quote']

if you can ever get hold of him :swearing:

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I got a replacement intonation screw from RnB (costing 70p). The original one was unremovable using conventional menthods so I drilled it out following the instructions http://www.ibanezrules.com/tech/setup/rounded_head.htm .I was originally too stupid to notice that guide and sent the guy an email. He kindly emailed me a back pointing at his website.

During the drilling, the bridge saddle got a bit damaged. I phoned up RnB but they asked for 10. I then went on another website (can't remember which one) and ordered one for 2.

Today I finally set the intonation on my guitar (took an hour or so) and it sounds lovely. I still have the original (damaged) bridge saddle in use (as the new one wont arrive till Thursday). I plan to put the new one in, when I put new strings on my guitar.

My advice; If you own a floyd rose and the intonation screw looks worn, get a new one (or m any) and replace the screw, next time you change your strings.

I think learning to setup my guitar was a worthwhile experience and if your guitar (or fellow band members) fail, just before a gig. It makes it far more likely that you will be able to fix it yourself.


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