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  1. I used to have a Touch Me I'm Sick 12" with labels printed on the wrong side with a letter from Blast First saying it was a limited run of 75 and all the rest had been destroyed (or something like that). Oh and signed Ciccone Youth album test pressing (or was it Daydream Nation I forget now but makes no difference as it was sold years ago with most of my vinyl) Other than that I supposed the 'official' Blast First Sonic Youth 'Feed The Fall' bootleg cassette which is just a C90 tape of the Peel show with an official printed cover. Still got it somewhere
  2. Oh you can't beat a good bit of the Meatmen: 1 down 3 to go chapman shot him dead plugged him in the head no more slopehead wife to fuck no more squito bites to suck lennon's dead hip hip hooray all his dues he know must pay george, paul, ringo any day will be dead we all must pray a paunched out hippie fart he was a pot smoking scumbag bespeckled old scuz his panface gookin' fuck so me stud insurance cash all covered in blood one year later they paid their respects prayed for his soul then went went home & had sex hipocrytes all of them the worst kind of drugged out phlegm crippled children suck it's easy to see their parents were dumb for having v.d. and conceiving a baby as ugly as it i say give it leg braces that don't even fit mom & dad smoked their dope for a liberal smooth future they had a lot of hope but because of their folly their life is pretty crass a little baby boy with an arm stuck out its ass Tooling for Anus Tooling For Anus...That's You Tooling For Anus...Him Too Tooling For Anus...Her Too Tooling For Anus..Them Too Detroit City is the place to go if you wanna lick gonads or blow a stiff bookies, nunzios, menjos too to pack some blowin' to shoot some glue (chorus) i'm not a fag and i'll never be afraid to hit the can to take a pee afraid some sissy'll grab my ass i'll stick his face with broken glass
  3. Cat Power - Jukebox Chris Wood - Trespasser Nick Cave & Bad Seeds - Dig, Lazarus, Dig Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree (well actually its the loons but I'm surprisingly loving it...)
  4. err, JEFFREY Lewis. Oops. Yeah FT I'm lovin it
  5. I see your Fall and raise you to Sonic Youth's Feed the Fall Peel session. They even did Victoria. Oh heard Jeremy Lewis 12 Crass Songs: Punk is Dead & and Do they owe us a living are great. no really.
  6. I believe videos are promotional devices. It's his money, he can spend it anyways he likes. Makes a nice change from all that testosterone filled ones you usually get.
  7. Surfing for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy stuff I stumbled across this: KANYE WEST | STRONGER Urban goes Rural? Tractor porn? Fucking hilarious though
  8. Unlikely as their main competitors are surely the internet (for back catalogue) and the super markets for chart (whatever that constitutes these days). Whether we like it or not the days of the big 'record' shop are over. Good bye mass market hello niche.
  9. Are they still on cash sales only at Fopp? If they are then it's only a matter of time I guess.
  10. Neill

    a quick hello

    I would love to see: Gillian Welch Bill Callahan (hey hows about a Joana Newsome double bill?) Sufjan Stevens ...oh and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy back again (with Alasdair Roberts as support!)
  11. Did he have a top knot? He may have at some point. Probably. He was called Scars because he had Scars painted on the back of his leather. After the Embra band. I know, how stunningly original and who could have ever thought that one up? Does anyone remember the original (?) Fopp in Glasgow? Down from the end of Sauchiehall St somewhere near a multiplex cinema if I recall... I quite liked that one and usually bought something every time I was in the locality. I was never impressed with the Embra branch though (I guess it could never match the personal service I got from Avalanche).
  12. Some body else moved in to the back of HT (but it wasn't 1 Up). Great we are both right!
  13. Woolies used to do ex chart singles cheap! Aye, I shame about Fopp indeed.
  14. Pedants corer. Nope. It started in Happy trails then moved further up the road to Rosemount Viaduct (no. 75 if I recall). Hippy and 75 co-existed for as long as it need to shift the stock ie. over the weekend?). George St and 75 RV co-existed though as I thought I said as I never understood why have two shops and two sets of overheads. Made sense to move into one in Diamond St.
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