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Radio 2 Sold On Song


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At the risk of the wrath of a lot of the guys on this forum,who are fed up with me posting about Lunar here are the completed songs on the Radio 2 website for free download.


They are in a .ram format so think you will need real player, doesnt work on Windows Media Player unless U have the most up to date one.

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Just found out that for some odd reason radio 2 have put up a rough version of nothing that iam meant to be on there website, instead of the one recorded with Steve Levine..sigh..will have to get that remedied ASAP! Californai sun is the finished article however.

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I've only listened to "California Sun," and thought it was absolutely awful. In particular, the uninspired lyrics/vocals grated on me. The instrumentation was also painfully uninspired, as was the arrangement. Production wise, whilst sounding well enough recorded, doesn't sound like anything special either. Dull, really dull.

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