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  1. Oh well fair enough, no arguing with that. Runners up then still not bad.
  2. Strange, Lunar were told they were joint winners by liz Hobbs, thats why they also got to play at the Status Quo gig right before White Ace. They were also offered the same deals as White Ace I belive. Were you at the final when both bands were announced? Also at the Roch at the racecource gig both bands were introduced as winners of the Ayrplay comp. Thats my undertasnding anyway not that its that big a deal. Anyway I like White Ace as well, very good, considering their age and all and I am sure we will hear baout them again soon. White ace BTW can be found on myspace, they are also listed as a friend in lunars myspace page in the link above if anyone wants to check them out.
  3. Well guys Lunar were joint winners with a band called white ace and are supporting Status Quo at the Ayr festivel tomorrow night.
  4. Just thought I would post this up incase anyone if particularly interested as it involves a band from Aberdeen. Check out link below:- Ayrplay Finalists Burns Festival 2008 - Burns an' a' that! Poetry Music & Song MySpace.com - lunar - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Indie / Punk - www.myspace.com/lunarabdn
  5. Details and confirmation of the first 'big' day of the Festival have been confirmed. Although Saturday kicks off the Festival with street entertainment and some venues around the city holding gigs, Sunday the 13th see 'JAMPACKED' a day and evening extravaganza of bands first on the open air stage at Eastgate followed by a night-time performance at 'The Foundry' on Church Street Inverness. Tickets for the Evening will be available from Inverness City Centre Management and latterly the Foundry. The event is free and will work on a first come first served. During the day, Bluebelly, Gypsy Dave Smith and the Cnoc Cuill Ceilidh Band perform starting from 12pm and at night, Legendary Inverness rockers the Cut, one of Aberdeens hottest new bands Lunar and up and coming local lads with a great future, The Now play the Foundry from around 8.30pm, SEE http://www.invernesscityjam.com/news.html FOR MORE DETAILS.
  6. Lunar are playing tngt at the Malt Mill from 9.30 onwards, doing a 3 hour slot. Its free entry so if you fancy a pint and some live music pop along.
  7. Featuring Lunar - if your around listen in Cheers
  8. The other song is now on the radio 2 website as well. Help yourself.
  9. I was at the Leeds festivel with Chris and Dave Officer, If I remember right, 3-4 years ago. It was excellent, then the last night came and before we knew it, buildings had been set on fire, including the port loo's which then exploded. The fire brigade came but were driven off by the crowds of drunken ppl. Next thing we knew 4 police vans arrrived and we were met by riot police in full get up. I honestly thought we were going to get batton charged at one point. What also amused me was that a police helicopter was above the site most of the night which its powerful spot light on the site. SO what did some ppl sart doing...??? Trying to have a light saber dual with it, with there torches...lol..that was some festival!
  10. Just found out that for some odd reason radio 2 have put up a rough version of nothing that iam meant to be on there website, instead of the one recorded with Steve Levine..sigh..will have to get that remedied ASAP! Californai sun is the finished article however.
  11. Ok At the risk of the wrath of a lot of the guys on this forum,who are fed up with me posting about Lunar here are the completed songs on the Radio 2 website for free download. http://feeds.bbc.co.uk/radio2/soldonsong/whatson/Aberdeen.shtml They are in a .ram format so think you will need real player, doesnt work on Windows Media Player unless U have the most up to date one.
  12. Lol well this thread has certainly had more replies and views than any I have put up before. Ha for better or worse now more ppl have heard of Lunar/Korboda/Stanley/Stayover and Littlekicks..although all the others I suspect where well known anyway.
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